How to Take Amazing Photos Using the MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit

Water droplet photography is a dream for almost every creative photographer. When a water drop collides with another drop, it creates beautiful crowns and other shapes that look fabulous. Capturing those moments is a very satisfying experience for a photographer. Taken by Andrea Laybauer using M...

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Tip of the Day – Eye glow fix

Tip of the Day – Eye glow fix There’s only so much you can do with natural light before it becomes unusable – just not bright enough – even if you use a very large aperture and a prime lens to maximise the available light. For these situations I have a secret lighting weapon that I find invaluable...

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How to Choose Your Lightroom Export Settings for Printing

If you haven’t yet printed some of your favorite photos, trust me you are missing out on a lot. The joy and pleasure that you get by looking at the prints cannot be matched by the digital copies. This article might excite those photographers who have gotten their photos printed at least once. But i...

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